Appraisals are prepared by a trained jeweler and gemologist (G.I.A.) at Generales & Generales Fine Jewellers.
We adhere to a strict code of ethics. Great care will be taken to provide you with complete descriptions of your jewelry and an accurate estimated Replacement Value. The Values set forth therein are an estimate of the current market price at which the appraised jewelry may be purchased in a retail jewelry store and do not necessarily reflect the price at which the appraised or similar jewelry may be purchased from this firm. Value does not include local sales taxes. Appraisals are an expert opinion mainly used for insurance purposes only. Appraisals are not a proposal to purchase now or at any future date and is provided solely as an estimate of approximate replacement values of said item(s) at this time and place.

We recommend periodic updating of appraised item(s) as market prices fluctuate. Make copies of your appraisals and keep a copy in your safe deposit box.


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